VA Benefits: What You Need

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VA Documents and Information Checklist Needed

Revised May 15, 2011

Claimant: __________________________________

Veteran: ___________________________________

Medical and Military Information:

  • Veteran Spouse Child Item Done
  • DD214 or separation papers
  • Pharmacy printout of last 3 months
  • List of expenses
  • Copy of health insurance premiums

Personal Information:

  • Veteran Spouse Child Item Done
  • Marriage certificate
  • Previous marriage certificates
  • Divorce decrees(s)
  • Death certificate(s)
  • Birth certificate
  • SSA award letter
  • Documentation of any other income
  • Completed application questionnaire

Financial Information:

  • Veteran Spouse Child Item Done
  • VOIDED deposit slip for direct deposit
  • Latest IRA statement
  • Latest bank and financial statements
  • Trust fund and/or annuity statements
  • Latest CD statements
  • Cash value statement from whole life
  • Insurance company

  • Latest mutual fund statements
  • Current value of all stocks and bonds
  • Latest 401k statement
  • Documentation of expenses of last illness and burial expenses paid
  • Documentation of payment of veterans debts
  • Documentation of interest/dividend income