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Care Planning for Life's What-Ifs

As one ages, the need to prepare for any possible eventualities becomes important. Many Georgia residents have begun planning by creating a will and making their final arrangements. However, before these plans will need to be enacted, it is very possible that the individual will need someone who is able to make medical and other such decisions on his or her behalf. Care planning is an important part of planning for one's future.

Most individuals have specific desires regarding medical care. Some individuals would prefer to be allowed to pass on without medical intervention if there is no hope for recovery. Others want every measure possible to be taken in order to extend life. Unless these sentiments have been clearly expressed to loved ones, it is possible that the family will be left to make difficult decisions regarding what they believe the individual wants.

Additionally, a number of Georgia's residents will become ill or incapacitated to the extent that they are no longer able to make decisions regarding their own care. Prior to this becoming an issue, it would be beneficial to establish advance medical directives. These directives clearly state the individual's desires and who is responsible for making the necessary decisions.

Life is filled with what-ifs�. However, some of these eventualities can be planned and prepared for by establishing the proper care planning directives and documents. This will then allow the Georgia resident to have peace of mind regarding what will happen as he or she ages and is perhaps no longer able to make critical decisions.

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