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Care planning takes care of individual if ill or injured

Planning for the end of one's life involves more than just creating a will and naming beneficiaries. In addition to these important steps, one also needs to establish care planning documentation. Otherwise, it is possible that one's personal medical decisions could be left in the hands of a Georgia judge.

Perhaps one of the most important documents is a living will. Regardless of one's age, it is possible that he or she will be involved in a devastating accident or fall victim to a life-threatening illness. In many of these situations, the individual is unable to express his or her wishes. The living will is a legal document in which the individual has identified the type and extent of medical treatment one desires and then allows the family to be certain of their loved one's desires.

Another item that one will want to consider is a durable power of attorney. Once the individual is no longer able to make his or her own decisions, a traditional power of attorney ceases. However, a durable power of attorney continues. The individual named here is then able to pay bills and take care of one's financial affairs.

Many Georgia residents recognize the need to plan for the end of one's life. However, there is also a possibility that one will need to consider care planning in case there is a period of time in which he or she is ill or injured and unable to make decisions. In addition to discussing one's wishes with loved ones, a discussion with one's legal representative can ensure that all the proper documentation is in place.

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