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Care planning assists with meeting end-of-life desires

Death is inevitable. One day, each Georgia resident's life will end; however, how and where this will happen is part of the unknown. While the majority of these details are uncertain, many individuals do have specific desires regarding the how and where. Unfortunately, unless these desires are made known through various care planning documents, it is likely that these wishes will not be fulfilled.

Research shows that the majority of Americans would prefer to die at home. As one ages or becomes seriously ill, the desire to simply be left to die in peace at home often becomes great. However, depending upon the community in which the individual resides, this may or may not happen.

In many areas, individuals who would prefer to be at home are hospitalized and life saving measures are administered. In other areas, hospice care is more prevalent, and the individual is given the option to remain at home and receive care. Many times, when it comes to this point, the individual is unable to communicate his or her desires to medical professionals and loved ones.

While unable to verbally express one's end-of-life wishes, it is still possible for the Georgia resident to have a say in his or her end-of-life care. This can be done through proper care planning. Experienced legal counsel can assist in drafting the appropriate documents which will communicate one's specific desires to medical professionals as well as friends and family. In addition to ensuring that the individual's desires are met, loved ones can rest assured knowing that they did what their loved one wanted.

Source: The Washington Post, "Most people want to die at home, but many land in hospitals getting unwanted care", Andrew Macpherson and Ravi B. Parikh, Dec. 9, 2017

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