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Care planning is part of planning for the future

Regardless of all of the time and effort spent planning for one's future, there are some things that simply cannot be avoided. It is a fact that at some point in time, each individual's life will come to an end. As a part of planning for one's future, each Georgia resident will want to make care planning a part of this planning process.

Medicare recognizes the need for this type of planning. As such, Medicare will even pay for a care planning visit in a doctor's office. This is a voluntary opportunity for the individual and beneficiary to meet with the doctor to discuss the individual's wishes regarding end-of-life care and the life-saving measures the individual wants used.

As a part of this discussion, the doctor is able to share the reasonable projections for the individual. If there is a medical condition that will require specialized care, it can be discussed and a plan of action developed. Rather than approach the situation from the mindset of doing everything possible, the doctor and the beneficiary can clearly understand the individual's desires and strive to uphold these wishes.

Some Georgia residents will die peacefully in their sleep; others will struggle with debilitating illness or injury. The way in which each individual is treated is ultimately up to that individual. By holding the appropriate conversations and establishing the appropriate care planning documents, the individual can be assured that his or her desires will be fulfilled. Experienced legal counsel can assist in guiding the individual through the process, making the appropriate decisions and knowing which documents will be needed.

Source: medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com, "Why end-of-life care planning is a necessary service", Larry Beresford, Dec. 25, 2017

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