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Couples without kids still benefit from wills and other tools

A couple without children may not see the urgency or importance of estate planning, but in reality, this is important for everyone, regardless of whether there are kids. Through wills and other types of estate planning tools, it's possible to have a say over what happens to assets, property and savings. This is important for couples of all ages and income levels. 

If a person dies without a will and his or her spouse is no longer living, the court will decide what happens to that person's estate. Even if there are no children, it is likely that a Georgia resident has a preference regarding who will inherit his or her property. Additionally, estate planning tools also allow a person to decide what type of medical care is to be provided in the case of incapacitation or serious illness.

Some may think everything can just be left to charity and that it's not necessary to worry about designating heirs. While this is technically possible, there are certain steps that are necessary to ensure that assets go to the right places. A childless couple can also make estate plans that will ensure care and protection for any beloved pets they may leave behind.

Everyone benefits from having wills and other estate plans. Georgia couples who do not have kids will also benefit from this as well. If they are unsure of why they need a plan or how they can get started with this process, an assessment of their individual situation may prove helpful. 

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