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Wills and estate planning for family pets

There are certain steps that Georgia reader can take to protect his or her family. Drafting wills and developing a thorough estate plan is a way that a person can be certain that he or she has a say over what happens to property and assets in the future. Typically, estate plans specifically address the distribution of assets, but a person can also make plans that will outline the care of family pets.

For some families, pets are treated and loved like they are family members. There can be a lot of confusion and uncertainty about what to do with a beloved pet after an owner dies. Through certain estate planning steps, an owner can ensure that his or her animal goes to the right person and has the right care he or she needs. This can provide people with peace of mind and security regarding important members of the family.

If an owner dies or has to enter a nursing facility or place where pets are not allowed, what will happen to the animal? If there is not another person who wants the pet, the chances are great that the animal will end up in a shelter. An owner can eliminate this possibility by naming a trusted individual to take the animal and setting money aside for the pet's care and maintenance.

Pets are often overlooked in estate plans. Through thorough wills and other documents, a person can have confidence about what will happen to pets, property and assets in the future. Including these specific plans can be a smart addition for Georgia readers who want to have a say over what will happen to their animals.

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