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Revising wills should be a priority following a second marriage

Family structure has changed significantly in Georgia in recent years. Second marriages are often the norm and the resulting blended families can be warm and loving but may end up squabbling when it comes to resolving disputes resulting from a loved one's passing. In order to avoid this unfortunate circumstance, a priority of the newly weds should be revising their wills and any other estate planning documents.

Wills should be revised to include bequests to children from a former marriage. While the bulk of one's estate may go to a spouse, feelings of resentment can be avoided if bequests are included for children. Life insurance is also a means to provide for children. One may wish to leave the bulk of an estate to a spouse, but life insurance policies can be acquired that designate one's children as beneficiaries.

A trust can also be a useful instrument to attempt to maintain family peace. It can allow for the spouse to inherit upon one's death and for the remainder of the estate to pass to one's children at the death of the spouse. One of the biggest areas of contention in an extended family can revolve around family heirlooms. It's a good idea to spell out who gets what in an attempt to stave off nasty arguments and possible court battles.

People want to believe that their family is a loving and caring one who will respectfully mourn and responsibly settle one's affairs after a person passes in Georgia. Though this may indeed happen, it is wise to avoid leaving it to chance. Comprehensive estate planning and revision of wills can allow a person to enjoy his or her family, knowing that one's final wishes have been provided for and will be carried out as intended.

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