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Without wills, people can cause serious problems for loved ones

It is never easy for a person to consider what will happen after he or she passes away. Drafting an estate plan requires the consideration of certain topics that are often difficult to think about, such as which beneficiaries and loved ones will receive what assets. Without wills and other important documents in place, it can cause significant complications for those left behind when a person passes away.

Most people in Georgia probably have an idea of what they hope will happen to their estate, but they may not have taken the time to have this formally documented in a legally enforceable manner. When a person dies with no will, state laws will determine what happens to the estate. Recently, famous singer Aretha Franklin died, leaving instructions for her estate in three different handwritten wills. Family members are now locked in a battle over her money and possessions, and it may take a court years to sort through and make a decision.

Another example of what happens without a formal will is a husband who passed away, hoping to leave all of his estate to his current wife. In reality, the lack of a will meant that his ex-wife, whose name was never taken off the house, got the home and the money he left behind. His current wife was forced to move in with family members.

Drafting wills and other estate planning documents is an important step for Georgia adults of all income levels, ages and health statuses. While it may be uncomfortable making certain types of decisions, it is worthwhile to have plans in place. This can give a person confidence that he or she will get the final say over what happens to his or her stuff.

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