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Man sentenced in elder abuse case

Most people here in Georgia recognize how important it is to create a will to ensure that their final wishes are honored. However, many are unaware that a will is just one part of a complete estate plan. Estate planning can include a living will, directives for end-of-life care and/or a power of attorney. It is important that people communicate with family members to ensure that their estate plan is handled by a trustworthy party, whether that person is a family member or a designated professional. This is what one family is dealing with after a man was sentenced to two years in jail for charges relating to elder abuse of their older family member.

Care planning: AARP advocates legal measures to protect elders

As the population ages, more and more families will want to consider how to care for the older adults in their lives. Some may have concerns that older adults will not be properly protected by any professional caregivers that are entrusted with the task. Nursing home abuse is a sad circumstance for far too many families who may struggle with care planning. This is why Georgia lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow surveillance cameras in rooms of health facilities

There are options for long term care planning

Planning for the future is an important part of life for all adults, especially those who are nearing or in retirement age. While few men and women in Georgia want to consider their long term care planning needs, taking a proactive approach can make a big difference in the final outcome. Fortunately, there are options when it comes to long term care planning

Protect against elder abuse during family care planning

Elder abuse is something that Georgia families should discuss when thinking about long-term care needs for aging loved ones. While elder abuse is not incredibly common, it occurs more often than many people think. In fact, according to a recent report, state-based agencies responded to more than 235,000 cases of abuse of seniors living in their own homes, and most experts note that elder abuse is significantly under reported. The topic should be given consideration when families join to address long-term care planning needs. 

"Elder orphans" have unique set of care planning needs

For many Georgia residents, a spouse and children are simply not part of their daily lives. Regardless of whether that fact is through circumstance or choice, the reality is that living the single life can pose a challenge once an individual moves into retirement and beyond. Older Georgia residents without close family ties have a unique set of care planning needs and must take steps to look after their own futures. 

Veterans need specialized long term care planning

For Georgia residents who served in the military, planning for the future can be a complicated matter. Understanding the full scope of VA benefits is never easy, and navigating the process of applying for and receiving long term care is no exception. The best way to avoid an unpleasant surprise is to work with an elder care attorney to determine the type of long term care planning needed to support vets through their later years. 

Now's the time to begin discussing care planning

Few families relish the thought of sitting down to begin discussing how to assist loved ones as they age. That's one reason why so many Georgia families fail to put long-term elder care planning into place. Unfortunately, failing to address this need can lead to disastrous consequences for aging family members. 

Little physician oversight on home care planning

For individuals who require in-home care, depending on a strong system of physician oversight may not be the best way to ensure a positive outcome. According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, many physicians who are tasked with reviewing home health care plans only spend around one minute reviewing those plans before signing off on them. This research underscores the importance of Georgia families engaging in strong care planning to ensure that loved ones are properly taken care of if and when the time comes. 

Personal care planning serves a number of purposes

Like other Georgia residents, you probably worked hard to get where you are today. You spent your life accumulating the assets you have and want to make sure that they are available for your family members after you are gone and that they are there if you need them in your later years. Regardless of your reasons, personal care planning can help achieve these goals.

Care planning essential for special needs child

Families with a special needs child often go to great lengths to make sure that the child is properly taken care of. While some special needs children are able to function with little to no assistance, in many instances, the child requires ongoing care even as he or she reaches maturity. The Georgia family typically makes the necessary adjustments required for the child to be able to live up to his or her potential. Yet, one area in which many families struggle is in taking the necessary care planning steps to ensure the child's future.

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