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Medicaid Planning Archives

Trusts can affect Medicaid planning

A provision that limits the transfer of assets before a person becomes eligible for government medical benefits may also affect trusts. When a person in Georgia looks into estate planning, keeping this in mind will help ensure the protection of the estate. Medicaid planning requires one to understand how the transfer of assets may affect one's own medical care and the inheritance of beneficiaries. 

Medicaid planning and nursing home costs

As one ages, it is not always possible to remain at home. Sometimes, the Georgia resident's condition simply makes it too difficult for loved ones to care for him or her, and it is necessary to seek out nursing home care. While this may be a necessity, it also comes with a price tag. However, through careful Medicaid planning, this price tag can be minimized.

Medicaid planning allows the Georgia resident to protect assets

The simple fact is most Georgia residents will require some type of care as they get older. Some will be able to enjoy their golden years in the comfort of their own home surrounded by loved ones. Others, however, will require care beyond what loved ones are able or willing to provide. Yet, the cost of obtaining this outside care can be prohibitive. For this reason, Medicaid planning is essential to preserving one's assets and wealth.

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