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We Already Know What You Need To Know

The following is a checklist of items needed for Medicaid verification:


_______ Birth certificate (both spouses)

_______ Social Security card (for both spouses if married)

_______ Health care cards, front and back

_______ Private health insurance premium statements

_______ Marriage certificate (of all marriages for both spouses)

_______ Death certificate of spouse (and any other predeceased spouses from both parties)

_______ Naturalization papers, if applicable

_______ Military discharge papers, DD-214


_______ Social Security yearly award letter stating monthly benefit for current year (you should receive this sometime in December of the prior year)

_______ Pension statements for the most current month

_______ IRA statements for current months

_______ Any other retirement payment statements for most current month

_______ Annuity statements for most current month

_______ Any outstanding loans that are being repaid to you


_______ All bank account statements for most current 3 months (all pages)

_______ All investment account statements for most current 3 months

_______ Real estate deeds (and/or closing papers on real estate sold within 3 years)

_______ Most recent property tax bill

_______ All life insurance policies

_______ Cash surrender value on all life insurance policies with face values above $5,000

_______ Rental agreements for secondary homes

_______ Automobile registration

_______ List of contents in safety deposit box

_______ Prepaid funeral and/or burial contracts


_______ List and explanation of all deposits and withdrawals for $1,000 or more

_______ Copy of current will, powers of attorney and trusts

_______ FOR VETERANS ONLY, copy of all medical expenses paid for the past 12 months (to include all prescriptions, eye exams and glasses, hearing aids and batteries, home health aids, assisted living costs, etc.)

Go Over Your Checklist With A Lawyer

You can consult a lawyer at Hodges Law Firm, LLC to go over your checklist and make sure you have everything in order. To schedule a free consultation, contact our office in Cumming. Call 678-608-1746 or toll-free at 678-608-1746. To reach us online, simply send an email.