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Have You Been Cheated By A Fiduciary Or A Family Member?

There is nothing new about greed or selfishness or sloth; they’re nearly as old as time itself. Unfortunately, whenever a person dies and leaves significant assets behind (real or perceived), even families in which these character defects hadn’t really created problems before can suddenly find themselves being torn apart by them.At Hodges Law Firm, LLC, we’ve seen this happen before and we do everything in our power to see that it does not happen to the people and families we represent from throughout the Atlanta area and beyond. We’re also sensitive to family ties, charged emotions and other difficult aspects of these cases, and strive to protect our clients’ interests without taking unnecessary actions that make already bad situations even worse.

Our managing partner Hodges Law Firm, LLC has more than 40 years of experience with:

He has recovered millions of dollars for previous clients. He will see that your rights are protected.

What Is Breach Of Fiduciary Duty?

In the context of probate law, the term fiduciary can refer to the appointed executor of a will, a personal representative named in a decedent’s will, a trustee, a legal guardian, a conservator, an individual who has been given a financial power of attorney or, more loosely, to anyone who has been given a degree of trust that impacts another person’s money and property.Whatever the specific role, each fiduciary has certain legal responsibilities and duties. These include:
  • A duty to not engage in self-dealing, i.e., not to take what isn’t his or hers to take
  • A duty to treat entrusted assets with the same level of care as one’s own
  • A duty to refrain from recklessly investing, wasting or otherwise dissipating such assets
  • A duty to provide detailed accountings to people who depend on these assets to be properly managed and/or to the courts

In no uncertain terms, fiduciaries who fail to live up to these expectations violate the trust they’ve been given and cheat the people who count on such assets to be managed with integrity.

If you feel that something along these lines has happened to you or your family, or is happening right now – you have two choices: do nothing but shake your head in disgust and disappointment, or take action to protect yourself and your loved ones by contacting an experienced lawyer.

Don’t Let A Fiduciary Cheat You

We are here to help and encourage you to call us at 678-608-1746, toll-free at 678-608-1746 or to contact us online for a free initial consultation. We will stand up for you against unscrupulous fiduciaries.

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