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Care planning essential for special needs child

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2018 | Care Planning, Firm News |

Families with a special needs child often go to great lengths to make sure that the child is properly taken care of. While some special needs children are able to function with little to no assistance, in many instances, the child requires ongoing care even as he or she reaches maturity. The Georgia family typically makes the necessary adjustments required for the child to be able to live up to his or her potential. Yet, one area in which many families struggle is in taking the necessary care planning steps to ensure the child’s future.

Research indicates that less than 50 percent of families with a special needs child have taken the steps necessary to provide the necessary care for the child in the event that caregiver dies or is no longer able to take care of the child. The majority of special needs children continue to live with their parents even as they grow older. Additionally, the average special needs individual is living longer. This often translates into the need to plan for his or her care once the parent is no longer there to provide the care.

Care planning is an essential part of taking care of this child. Decisions need to be made regarding who will take care of the child and how this care will be funded. Will a sibling or other relative step in? Will the child be placed in a long-term care facility?

Conversations regarding the necessary care planning steps are not easy. In fact, these difficult conversations and decisions are often what keep the Georgia family from taking the necessary steps. Experienced legal counsel can assist in determining which decisions and plans need to be put in place and the best way to make sure that this special loved one is taken care of.

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