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Now’s the time to begin discussing care planning

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Care Planning, Firm News |

Few families relish the thought of sitting down to begin discussing how to assist loved ones as they age. That’s one reason why so many Georgia families fail to put long-term elder care planning into place. Unfortunately, failing to address this need can lead to disastrous consequences for aging family members.

It’s important to sit down and discuss what all parties want and expect as the aging process continues. For example, if a loved one feel very strongly about remaining in their home, a plan can be put into place to ensure that outcome. There are many services available to support staying home, including medical services, skilled care and household services.

Planning for financial needs is also important, especially if a loved one may require Medicaid coverage to pay for skilled nursing or residential care. There are steps that families can take to ensure that an elder family member will qualify for the needed coverage. Long term care insurance is another option, but one that is best pursued early.

For many Georgia families, the next step after having a series of family discussions is to sit down with an elder care attorney to discuss the available options. Once a plan is in place, all family members can turn their attention toward enjoying each other’s company. Peace of mind is an important part of reducing stress and letting all parties know what to expect. With the right degree of effort and attention, long term elder care planning can offer that assurance.