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“Elder orphans” have unique set of care planning needs

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Care Planning, Firm News |

For many Georgia residents, a spouse and children are simply not part of their daily lives. Regardless of whether that fact is through circumstance or choice, the reality is that living the single life can pose a challenge once an individual moves into retirement and beyond. Older Georgia residents without close family ties have a unique set of care planning needs and must take steps to look after their own futures. 

Most people will have some sort of familial support as they age. This might be a healthy spouse, adult children, or even close nieces or nephews. Those connections can make it easier to adjust to the transitions of aging. Moving, finding help after a medical issue, managing medications, addressing home maintenance needs and more are all easier with a trusted helping hand. 

When it comes to elder care, family members often step in and assist. That could mean taking turns coming by to help an aging loved one stay in their home, or assisting in making medical decisions. In the best cases, seniors have the assistance and support of loved ones when making long-term care decisions. 

For those in Georgia who do not have close family connections and haven’t given much thought to their long-term care needs, it might be helpful to sit down with an elder care attorney and discuss the available options. Care planning is something that all older adults should consider. For those who are single and have no children, however, that need is even greater.