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Why wills are the gift that keeps on giving

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | Firm News, Wills |

For Georgia residents looking for the perfect Christmas gift for their adult children, estate planning packages are an interesting option. Many parents feel strongly about the need to craft wills and trusts, but their adult children don’t share that same level of motivation. By gifting estate planning services, parents can get their adult children off on the right path. 

In order to avoid tension and hurt feelings, it’s important to discuss the reason for the gift in detail. Explain that the focus is on ensuring that the child’s wishes are clearly laid out in the event an unexpected loss arises. Some families find the death of an extended family member to be a good starting point for the conversation, especially if his or her financial affairs were not in order. Even the death of a celebrity can help underscore the importance of estate planning at all ages. Prince, Aretha Franklin and Anthony Bourdain all recently passed away without an estate plan in place. 

If adult kids already have children of their own, focusing on the grandchildren is also a great way to structure the conversation. Not only do estate plans make use of wills and trusts, they also include guardianship plans if that need should arise. Financial and medical powers of attorney are also something to consider. 

Georgia parents who want to gift estate planning services to their adult children this season should understand that they won’t have the right to review the documents. For many, however, just knowing that wills and other important estate planning documents have been completed is well worth it. While it may be an unconventional gift, estate planning packages are certainly a demonstration of love.