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Wills and other estate planning steps for singles

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Firm News, Wills |

Because of their marital status, single adults often overlook the importance of estate planning. Even without a spouse and kids, there are still many reasons why planning for the future is a smart step. Through wills and other documents, Georgia singles can plan for the type of care they may want and make other decisions that could be pertinent down the road. 

One of the smartest steps a person can take to start the estate planning process is to draft a will. This document ensures that a person has the final say over what will happen to his or her assets and money, but a person can benefit from even more protection. One way to get this is to draft a living will. Different from a regular will, a living will allows someone to decide on what type of health care he or she may want if unable to consent or express wishes.

A living will allows an unmarried person to decline certain types of medical treatment, such as being kept alive on a ventilator, while accepting other types of potentially life-saving care, such as a blood transfusion. A person can make decisions that suit his or her religious beliefs and goals for the future. Another smart step is to draft a health care power of attorney, which will work in conjunction with a living will. 

The specific steps a Georgia single adult will need to take will depend on various factors, such as his or her belief system, family situation and plans for the future. A complete assessment of the individual case will allow a person to understand what he or she may want to consider adding to an estate plan. Wills and other estate planning documents can give valuable peace of mind and confidence regarding the future.