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Security for the future through wills and estate planning tools

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Firm News, Wills |

Thinking about the future is not easy. This is especially true if it involves making choices regarding medical care and what will happen to a person’s estate after he or she passes away. Through specific estate planning tools, such as thoughtfully drafted wills, a person can make plans that give him or her confidence for the future. 

Many adults in Georgia do not believe the estate planning process is necessary for them. They think that since they are not wealthy or do not own extensive property, they do not need plans or more than a basic will. In reality, a strong estate plan can do much more than just outline how property is to be distributed. In fact, through careful planning, parents of minors can even designate people to care for minor children, should the parents unexpectedly pass away.

Estate planning can also eliminate the need for beneficiaries and heirs to fight over assets. A person can take steps now to make things less stressful and complicated for loved ones in the future. Additionally, a person can draft certain documents that would outline his or her wishes for health care and medical interventions in case of incapacitation due to illness or injury. 

Wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other documents can allow a person to have a measure of control over what will happen to his or her body and estate in the future. It’s not always easy to make these types of choices, but it’s smart to have plans in place. A Georgia reader can seek an evaluation of his or her case to better understand what estate planning steps would be most beneficial.