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A difficult medical diagnosis may have some considering wills

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2019 | Firm News, Wills |

Receiving bad news about one’s health can be a substantial setback. It can also cause Georgia residents to feel the need to get their affairs in order, including those relating to their end-of-life wishes. Wills and other estate planning documents can help parties ensure that those wishes are known ahead of time, even if the prognosis is not dire.

If an individual receives a diagnosis of cancer, the information relating to the disease itself, how aggressive it is and other similar information could determine how urgent the need for estate planning is. Some parties may not need to get their affairs in order immediately if their prognoses indicate years of life left. However, the diagnosis could, nonetheless, spur the need to ensure that estate plans have been created.

Creating a will is certainly an important aspect of creating this plan. This document can allow individuals to name guardians for their minor children, detail how they want their assets distributed and include other information. Of course, a comprehensive plan will include other documents, and in cases where cancer is playing a role, having the right medical-related documents in place could prove vital.

It can be difficult for Georgia residents to know how to create their estate plans, and they may feel unfocused on the task after receiving a difficult medical diagnosis. Still, creating wills and other estate planning documents could go a long way in bringing some peace of mind to everyone involved. If individuals are concerned about getting their affairs in order, they may wish to work with experienced estate planning attorneys.