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Care planning can make certain life transitions easier

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2019 | Care Planning, Firm News |

Georgia families who are taking care of an elderly loved one understand how difficult and expensive it can be to provide support and care to an aging individual. These families have first-hand experience with the importance of care planning. While it is not easy to think about these difficult life transitions, it can make things easier for loved ones and ease the stress associated with many end-of-life decisions.

Through advance care directives and other documents, a person can decide what type of care he or she wants at the end of life. This allows a person to have a say over what happens to his or her body, what type of medical treatments are wanted and who will make decisions on the individual’s behalf. This can eliminate the need for a loved one to make difficult and potentially life-altering choices for loved ones who cannot speak for themselves.

Specific things a person can include in his or her care plan includes provisions for being put on a ventilator, the use of resuscitation measures, blood transfusions and more. A person can also outline his or her desire to have comfort care, which limits testing and medication at the end-of-life stages. Planning for the future is a wise choice, no matter the age or health of a person.

Care planning is an important legal step for Georgia readers. A person wanting to move forward with this process may find it beneficial to discuss concerns with an experienced attorney. Having legal guidance can reduce much of the stress associated with the estate planning process.