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What are the duties of a health care agent?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Care Planning, Estate planning |

It is difficult for people to plan for absolutely everything in Georgia. There are some things that are completely unexpected. People may know that certain things are possibilities, but people don’t plan for them on a daily basis. For instance, people do not plan to be in a car accident when they leave the house or plan on having a heart attack, but those things can happen and it is impossible to predict if or when they may occur.

However, while people may not plan for the actual catastrophic event there are ways to plan for how the situation will be handled if they are not capable of making the decisions themselves due to their medical condition. They can do this through a health care directive. People may know the basics of estate planning such as making sure they have a will, but healthcare directives are also important so people can make medical decisions for them while they are still alive, but incapacitated.

Through a healthcare directive people choose a healthcare agent to make certain decisions for them. The healthcare agent can consent to medical procedures or withhold consent; sign any necessary documents for medical treatment; admit or discharge them from a hospital or medical facility; examine and consent to disclosure of the person’s medical records; do anything else necessary to carry out their duties and can even delegate the authority in addition to other responsibilities relating to the person’s healthcare.

People’s health in Georgia can deteriorate and change in an instant. Therefore, it is important that people try and plan for the possibility before it is too late. This can be done through a healthcare directive, which gives the decision-making authority to trusted people. Experienced attorneys understand the technical requirements for healthcare directives and may be able to guide one through the process.