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Medicaid planning may be a new priority for many

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | Medicaid Planning |

The current pandemic that seems to have no true end in sight has put a lot of things in perspective for Georgia residents and people around the world. For some, the financial struggles that they are facing due to job loss, job delays, unexpected medical concerns and more may have them thinking about the importance of planning for the future in case the unexpected happens. For some, Medicaid planning may be a new priority.

Though the pandemic has negatively affected almost everyone in one way or another, older individuals are seeing significant risks of facing serious financial issues. While many may have had their eyes on retirement in the coming years, they may now be struggling to make ends meet due to losing their jobs. Many are also having to cover expenses associated with their adult children moving back home due to losing jobs themselves.

The situation is even more dire for some, like one woman in another state whose husband developed dementia and whose daily care facility closed due to the pandemic. She’s found herself struggling with not having a job herself, caring for her ailing husband and worrying about medical bills. Unfortunately, they do not qualify for Medicaid, which could have helped them cover her husband’s bills.

Though no one wants to end up in a tight financial spot, this pandemic has shown that anyone could be negatively affected by an issue that comes out of nowhere and that is beyond their control. As a result, Georgia residents who are interested in preparing for the future as best as possible may want to consider Medicaid planning. It may be possible to set themselves up for financial assistance in the future if the need arises.