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What information is necessary for elder care planning?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Care Planning |

Many Georgia residents do not think about how they want someone to care for them in their elderly years until they reach retirement age or beyond. As a result, it often falls to the adult children to ensure that their parents have their affairs in order so that the family does not end up in a difficult predicament later. Elder care planning can encompass various aspects of life that will need to be taken care of, which is why it is wise to start planning early.

If parents are resistant to the idea of planning at first, it is not necessary to push them to make all the necessary decisions at one time. However, adult children who are trying to help their parents plan may want to keep in mind that information on the following topics is essential:

  • What type of care the parents want to receive, where they want to receive it and from whom
  • Financial information that could help determine whether parents could qualify for Medicaid, and whether they have life insurance and health benefits
  • Medical information relating to their primary care physicians, any medications they currently take, and who can access their personal and medical information

It is also important that this planning includes legal documents that give adult children, or whomever the parents deem appropriate, the ability to access information and make decisions as needed. A medical power of attorney and financial power of attorney could be immensely useful. Additionally, parents could create living wills to leave instructions for care in specific scenarios.

Though it may be difficult to make headway with this type of planning at first, elder care planning can seem like a godsend in the event that a Georgia parent ends up needing long-term care. Ensuring the creation of any documents in accordance with state law and that they are legally binding is crucial. Fortunately, experienced attorneys are available to help if desired.