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4 factors to consider when choosing a health care agent

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2021 | Care Planning |

Medical decisions are not always easy to make. Even when trying to make those decisions for oneself, it can take a lot of thought, gathering of information and input from doctors before making a choice that a person feels comfortable with. As a result, most people can imagine how much more difficult it could be for another person to have to make medical decisions on behalf of someone else. Fortunately, planning ahead could ensure that patients have a trusted person to act on their behalf if needed through a health care agent. 

Georgia residents could use a power of attorney document to appoint a health care agent to make necessary medical decisions in the event of incapacitation. Though a person may never need to have an agent enforce his or her power, it is still a safeguard that could save time in a medical emergency. Of course, it is important that an agent it well suited to the role.  

Some details to keep in mind when trying to decide who to appoint as an agent include: 

  • Name a person who feels comfortable carrying out the patient’s wishes even if it goes against the wishes of other family members. 
  • Choose a person who understands that some decisions may be difficult but necessary to make. 
  • Ensure that the agent understands the patient’s preferences, values and concerns regarding any future treatment. 
  • Pick a trustworthy and responsible person. 

health care agent could prove invaluable in times of a medical emergency. Of course, not everyone is fit for the role, and not everyone would feel comfortable making such decisions. As a result, Georgia residents may want to discuss the topic of creating a power of attorney with their prospective candidates to ensure that any chosen agent feels ready to make life and death decisions.