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Knowing when to review estate planning goals

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2023 | Estate planning |

There may be many individuals who feel it vital to have a strategy in place for whatever the future may hold. However, while this strategy might align with one’s interests and needs at the moment, one’s preferences can change over time. Knowing how to tell when it might be time to revisit one’s estate planning goals could be integral to helping individuals in Georgia take steps to keep their plans in line with their current needs and interests. 

Reasons to revisit an estate plan 

Experts suggest that there may be numerous reasons to consider revisiting one’s estate plan. Such measures might be necessary whenever a person experiences a major change in life circumstances, whether this involves a change of employment or income or a need to relocate. Welcoming a child into the family, getting married, and going through a divorce are also examples of changes in life that might affect one’s preferences for the future. 

Estate planning laws are also subject to change at times and addressing such changes and seeking advice on how this might affect one’s situation could also be vital. In some cases, a person’s wishes may simply change over time, even without experiencing a significant change in life. As such, it may be helpful to consider reviewing one’s estate plan and beneficiary designations periodically to ensure information reflects one’s current preferences.  

Seeking advice in updating information 

Knowing how to tell when it might be time to review estate planning goals might not always be a simple task. Individuals in Georgia who are uncertain of how best to keep their plans in line with their wishes could consider speaking with an experienced attorney for advice in navigating the process. An attorney can help a client understand when to consider revisiting an estate plan and provide insight in preparing to update the information to help ensure the plan reflects his or her needs and wishes for the future.