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Things to look for in health care agents

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Care Planning |

Having someone to step in and make health care decisions on one’s behalf should the need arise can be beneficial in a variety of ways. However, many individuals in Georgia might be uncertain of how best to approach certain aspects of this process, such as the topic of choosing a representative. Knowing some things to look for in health care agents could play a vital role in implementing a strategy that aligns with one’s needs and interests. 

Choosing an agent 

A health care representative is a party that can step in and makes important health care decisions on one’s behalf should one become incapable of making such decisions on his or her own. When choosing an agent, studies indicate that it might be helpful to look for someone a person can trust and someone who will make decisions based on one’s preferences and values. It may also be helpful to consider choosing an agent that lives close by or within a reasonable travel distance. 

Choosing someone that understands the gravity of this position and who will be capable of making difficult choices may also be integral to protecting one’s interests. This could help ensure that the decisions the agent makes will reflect one’s wishes, even if this wish leads to a refusal of care. While being thorough when choosing a representative could be integral to ensuring one gets the type of care preferred, it can also be a complex process. 

Guidance in the process 

Those who remain uncertain about how to select health care agents could benefit from consulting with an attorney for guidance in the process. An attorney can help a client in Georgia understand every factor to address and provide insight on what to look for in potential candidates. Seeking such advice may help a person approach the future with peace of mind by creating a health care strategy that focuses on his or her wishes and needs.