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Are You Facing A DUI In Georgia? We Can Defend You.

Georgia has over 1200 miles of interstate highways, making us a major hub of transportation in the south. As such, our state also has a high rate of driving under the influence of alcohol, or DUI.

Hodges Law Firm, LLC provides aggressive, skilled defense for any driver accused of with DUI or other traffic offenses. At our law office in Cumming, we investigate the circumstances of your case, build a strategic defense and aggressively fight for your rights. We can help you avoid or minimize the consequences of a DUI so you can keep your driving privileges.

What Are The Consequences Of A Repeat Offense?

The criminal justice system tends to have leniency for first-time offenders. The court understands that every human may make a poor choice, so a first-time DUI conviction may not have severe penalties. A repeat offense, however, is another story.

A second or third conviction can and will have serious consequences. You may have to:

  • Pay expensive fines
  • Lose your license temporarily or permanently
  • Install an interlock ignition device in your vehicle
  • Do community service
  • Attend alcohol or drug treatment
  • Spend time in jail

Four DUI convictions and you may become a convicted felon. It is crucial to work with a law firm like Hodges Law Firm, LLC if you face more than one DUI charge. We have helped numerous clients to dismiss or reduce their charges or reduce their sentences.

If You Face A DUI, Get A Consultation

If you live in the Cumming metro, contact Hodges Law Firm, LLC and we can begin your defense. Your future is worth it. To schedule a consultation, call us at 678-608-1746, toll-free at 888-586-2621 or send our firm an email.