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Address Estate Planning And Elder Needs Today

“Can I have a comfortable, dignified retirement while still leaving a meaningful legacy to provide for my loved ones?” 

“Who should I choose to make health care decisions on my behalf if I can’t make those choices myself? What decisions can I make now that will make that person’s job easier if it becomes necessary?” 

“My mother has early stage Alzheimer’s. Is there a way to protect her home and other assets from being taken by the government to pay for Medicaid expenses?”

These are the kinds of questions we answer and situations we help clients address every day at the Hodges Law Firm, LLC, in Cumming, Georgia. We have more than 40 years of experience with these areas of the law and a sincere appreciation for how these issues actually affect people in real life. We’re here to help.

How We Can Help You

Our lawyers provide high-quality estate planning and elder law services for people all along the Georgia 400 corridor north of the Atlanta metro perimeter. For more information on these practice areas, specific topics or how we can help, please see:

Estate planning

Elder law

  • Georgia Medicaid Estate Recovery Program FAQ
  • Medicaid eligibility and re-titling assets
  • Medicaid verification checklist
  • Planning your Medicare and Medicaid
  • Choosing a health care agent
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia concerns
  • Sundowner’s syndrome
  • Nursing home abuse lawsuits

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Your estate planning and elder law concerns are important to you. Helping you find the best possible solutions is important to us. Schedule a free consultation today by calling our Forsyth County offices at 678-608-1746 or by contacting us online.

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