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Let Us Be Your Shield

Situation: You, your spouse or your aged parent is in danger of being sued, has been sued or already has a judgment taken and registered against you.

Problem: How do you protect your assets or your family’s assets.

Initial goal: Although you probably can’t make it so your assets are 100% protected, you can take certain steps through an asset protection attorney to make it difficult enough and/or expensive enough to discourage the creditor from pursuing you or your family’s assets.

Ultimate goal: If you take the right steps to protect your assets, only approximately 1% of all creditors will truly use all steps to pursue you. Another one-third will give up then and there, faced with the difficulty you have created through your asset protection attorney. The remainder will feel that it is in their best interests to compromise and negotiate with you for a mere fraction of what you or your family owes. One creditor with a $1 million judgment settled for $40,000.

How to achieve your goals? The Hodges Law Firm, LLC, can advise you and set up the legal mechanisms to change either the structure or ownership of your assets, thus convincing your creditors that it will be very difficult and/or expensive to go after them. Result: Negotiation and significant compromise of your debt.

Solution: Our solutions vary as to each client and their own particular set of circumstances. These tactics can involve anything from transferring assets into an LLC to a self-settled spendthrift trust to purchase of annuities, homestead exemptions, lines of credit, liens and even an off-shore account. We tailor our solutions to each client and their own particular situation.

How to protect your assets during your lifetime, but also pass them on to future generations without being subject to actions by creditors or ex-spouses: Yes, this can be accomplished in most cases. Call for info.

State laws differ in their protections: The asset protection lawyers in the Hodges Law Firm, LLC, have carefully researched the protections built into the various best states for asset protection and can transfer your assets to entities which meet their requirements, while still keeping you with a sense of control and protection.

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