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Let Us Take The Uncertainty Away

“Can I qualify for Medicare or Medicaid benefits without having to let the government take practically everything I’ve worked for?”

Medicare, Medicaid and other government benefit programs provide much-needed health care services to many Americans. Unfortunately, the process of applying and qualifying for these benefits is increasingly complex and more punitive as well, with asset limits that basically require people to have almost nothing in order to qualify for help. An experienced Atlanta-area elder law attorney can help ensure that you qualify for these benefits and that your assets are protected as much as possible. At Hodges Law Firm, LLC, in Cumming, Georgia, we have decades of experience helping clients to do just that and can provide you with the guidance and planning services needed to do the same.

What Are Georgia’s Medicaid Asset Limits?

Georgia Medicaid requires you have no more than $2,000 in nonexempt assets to gain eligibility. There is a five-year look back period, however, that allows the government to look into the financial transactions you made during that time period prior to filing for Medicaid and seek the recovery of those assets.

In today’s economy, $2,000 is simply not enough for most people to survive, much less lead a fulfilling life or even a modest one that retains much dignity. This is wrong and it’s where having an experienced asset protection attorney can help a great deal.

Preserve Your Assets While Receiving Benefits

At our firm, we give clients sound, ethical advice on how to obtain the government benefits they deserve while preserving assets. This is perfectly legal. What it typically requires is the careful use of trusts, gifting strategies and other estate planning tools aimed at preserving your eligibility for Medicaid, long-term care, nursing home care and other needs. We can help you with all of the necessary legal work and details here, including initial applications for Medicare or Medicaid benefits, as well as with any complications that arise throughout the process.

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