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November 2017 Archives

How to qualify for Medicaid in Georgia

As your age goes up and your income goes down, you probably are considering applying for Medicaid. Medicaid is a federal program that provides health services to low-income families. However, each state administers the program and therefore has the power to set requirements for eligibility and determine the type and length of services.

Care planning takes care of individual if ill or injured

Planning for the end of one's life involves more than just creating a will and naming beneficiaries. In addition to these important steps, one also needs to establish care planning documentation. Otherwise, it is possible that one's personal medical decisions could be left in the hands of a Georgia judge.

Medicaid planning allows the Georgia resident to protect assets

The simple fact is most Georgia residents will require some type of care as they get older. Some will be able to enjoy their golden years in the comfort of their own home surrounded by loved ones. Others, however, will require care beyond what loved ones are able or willing to provide. Yet, the cost of obtaining this outside care can be prohibitive. For this reason, Medicaid planning is essential to preserving one's assets and wealth.

How a special needs trust can protect your child in the future

Parents with special needs children have to worry about issues and make decisions that parents of more typical children will never face. There are issues with obtaining quality childcare and proper medical assistance for a child with physical disabilities. There are also issues that arise about later-in-life care for children with disabilities and special needs. Conditions like Down Syndrome, Autism or other developmental disorders could leave a child dependent on care for life. 

Care Planning for Life's What-Ifs

As one ages, the need to prepare for any possible eventualities becomes important. Many Georgia residents have begun planning by creating a will and making their final arrangements. However, before these plans will need to be enacted, it is very possible that the individual will need someone who is able to make medical and other such decisions on his or her behalf. Care planning is an important part of planning for one's future.

Wills are an important part of taking care of loved ones

Many Georgia residents assume that because they do not have a large estate, they do not need to prepare a will. What many fail to realize is that a will is an important and often necessary document. In fact, wills are created to benefit the family that is left behind when one dies.

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