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August 2019 Archives

Why are people reluctant to write wills?

It's never easy to think about the future, especially when it comes to one's passing or incapacitation. Because of this difficulty and perhaps the assumption that estate planning is not necessary, Georgia readers may delay the process of writing their wills and other documents. In reality, not having a will can make things very difficult for loved ones and beneficiaries. 

Disputes and handwritten wills complicating singer's estate

Drafting an estate plan can be a complicated endeavor. It often involves considering difficult interpersonal relationships, dealing with personal property and deciding who should get what assets. The process of drafting a clear, thoughtful estate plan can be especially difficult for a celebrity. Georgia readers can see that the importance of a clear estate plan is illustrated by the estate of Aretha Franklin, where multiple handwritten wills and disputing beneficiaries have resulted in lengthy court procedures. 

An old president's example for drafting wills

George Washington was a great example in many areas, even in estate planning, and his influence is still relevant today. The first president provided an excellent example of the importance of a thorough will and being very specific when drafting an estate plan. Washington used his plan as a way to establish his legacy, maintain control over what happened to his estate and protect his family. Georgia readers can do the same with their wills and plans.

Care planning can make certain life transitions easier

Georgia families who are taking care of an elderly loved one understand how difficult and expensive it can be to provide support and care to an aging individual. These families have first-hand experience with the importance of care planning. While it is not easy to think about these difficult life transitions, it can make things easier for loved ones and ease the stress associated with many end-of-life decisions.

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