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December 2018 Archives

Even some estate planning pros neglect their own wills

There is something universally true about the reluctance to sit down and complete an estate plan. The habit of postponing this important task is so widespread that even many estate planning professionals fail to get their own wills, trusts and other documents in order. In fact, completing an estate plan is a New Year's resolution for many attorneys, and can also be a great approach for others in Georgia. 

Wills can prevent unintentional homelessness

Many Georgia families bristle at the suggestion that they sit down and create an estate plan. That can be especially true for those who don't have significant assets, and who view wills as little more than yet another expense. Without proper planning, however, parents can unintentionally leave an adult child homeless, even though the desire was always for him or her to inherit the family home. 

Why wills are the gift that keeps on giving

For Georgia residents looking for the perfect Christmas gift for their adult children, estate planning packages are an interesting option. Many parents feel strongly about the need to craft wills and trusts, but their adult children don't share that same level of motivation. By gifting estate planning services, parents can get their adult children off on the right path. 

What is undue influence?

One factor that can potentially invalidate an otherwise technically perfect Georgia will is learning the will's provisions came to be as a result of undue influence. Allegations of undue influence are one major reason for probate litigation.

Protect against elder abuse during family care planning

Elder abuse is something that Georgia families should discuss when thinking about long-term care needs for aging loved ones. While elder abuse is not incredibly common, it occurs more often than many people think. In fact, according to a recent report, state-based agencies responded to more than 235,000 cases of abuse of seniors living in their own homes, and most experts note that elder abuse is significantly under reported. The topic should be given consideration when families join to address long-term care planning needs. 

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