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September 2019 Archives

Care planning can help with life's difficult transitions

Life is unpredictable, and it can be difficult to deal with complicated things like medical emergencies and planning for end of life care. For this reason, it is helpful to consider the benefits of care planning, which can ease the stress of these situations. It can also ease the strain that a family may feel when helping a loved one navigate one of life's difficult transitions.

Some people have wills, but they may not have estate plans

There is significant benefit in planning for the future, even if a person does not have significant wealth or valuable assets. One of the most important aspects of taking this step is that it will provide security for loved ones and beneficiaries, but unfortunately, even people who do this may not have all of the protection they need. Many Georgia readers may have wills, but they may not have complete or up-to-date estate plans. 

Couples without kids still benefit from wills and other tools

A couple without children may not see the urgency or importance of estate planning, but in reality, this is important for everyone, regardless of whether there are kids. Through wills and other types of estate planning tools, it's possible to have a say over what happens to assets, property and savings. This is important for couples of all ages and income levels. 

Wills and estate planning for family pets

There are certain steps that Georgia reader can take to protect his or her family. Drafting wills and developing a thorough estate plan is a way that a person can be certain that he or she has a say over what happens to property and assets in the future. Typically, estate plans specifically address the distribution of assets, but a person can also make plans that will outline the care of family pets.

3 signs of undue influence in an aging loved one’s estate plan

If you have an aging mother or father, encouraging your loved one to draft a comprehensive estate plan makes sense. After all, well-written estate plans often minimize disputes. They also honor your parent’s wishes. Of course, sometimes, someone exerts undue influence over the estate planning process. 

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