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October 2019 Archives

Without wills, people can cause serious problems for loved ones

It is never easy for a person to consider what will happen after he or she passes away. Drafting an estate plan requires the consideration of certain topics that are often difficult to think about, such as which beneficiaries and loved ones will receive what assets. Without wills and other important documents in place, it can cause significant complications for those left behind when a person passes away.

Drafting wills that give preference to one child over another

Estate planning can be an emotionally challenging and complex process. A Georgia reader who is drafting a plan will have to consider what will happen to his or her stuff after passing away, and that means designating beneficiaries to receive assets and money. Sometimes, this can be difficult for parents who need to draft wills that will give preference to one child over another.

Revising wills should be a priority following a second marriage

Family structure has changed significantly in Georgia in recent years. Second marriages are often the norm and the resulting blended families can be warm and loving but may end up squabbling when it comes to resolving disputes resulting from a loved one's passing. In order to avoid this unfortunate circumstance, a priority of the newly weds should be revising their wills and any other estate planning documents.

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