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December 2017 Archives

70 percent of Americans without wills

At some point in time, each Georgia resident will die. Yet, so many conduct their personal affairs in a manner suggesting that they expect to live forever. In fact, research shows that wills have not been created by approximately 70 percent of Americans.

Medicaid planning and nursing home costs

As one ages, it is not always possible to remain at home. Sometimes, the Georgia resident's condition simply makes it too difficult for loved ones to care for him or her, and it is necessary to seek out nursing home care. While this may be a necessity, it also comes with a price tag. However, through careful Medicaid planning, this price tag can be minimized.

3 reasons to consider establishing a trust

If your estate plan only consists of a will, you may be missing out on the various benefits of a trust. Establishing a trust can help you transfer your wealth and property to your beneficiaries according to your wishes. A trust is simply a legal structure that passes on assets to heirs according to specific instructions. Do yourself a favor and learn about three specific benefits of creating a trust. 

Care planning assists with meeting end-of-life desires

Death is inevitable. One day, each Georgia resident's life will end; however, how and where this will happen is part of the unknown. While the majority of these details are uncertain, many individuals do have specific desires regarding the how and where. Unfortunately, unless these desires are made known through various care planning documents, it is likely that these wishes will not be fulfilled.

Care planning often involves naming a guardian

Americans are living longer than ever; this is good news for many Georgia residents. Many look forward to the time they will have available to spend with family and traveling to new and exciting places. However, this will not be the reality for some individuals. Along with longer lives comes the possibility of becoming physically or mentally unable to make legal decisions. As a result, many find that care planning is a critical part of the estate planning process.

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