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Selecting the right guardian for your child with special needs

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2024 | Estate planning |

Planning for the future and designating someone who will be responsible for your child’s care and well-being is undoubtedly one of your utmost priorities when you are the parent or guardian of a child with special needs.

Furthermore, the thought process can be an overwhelming experience. However, those who follow these practical tips for choosing a legal guardian can feel confident about their child’s future.

Prioritize your child’s needs

Every child is unique, and those with special needs may require significantly more attention and support. Consider your child’s level of needs and picture what their future might look like. Understanding this can enable you to find someone trustworthy and genuinely capable of providing the care they require.

Choose someone you trust

As a parent, choosing a legal guardian with whom you share goals, values, and parenting style is essential. This will make the transition smoother for your child and ensure that they continue to grow in a nurturing environment that reflects your own.

Aside from being their caregiver, the legal guardian will also make the decisions in all aspects of your child’s life. Thus, it is vital that you carefully consider your choice to ensure that your child is safe in the event that you can no longer take care of them.

Establish financial security

Financial planning is key, and caring for a child with special needs can be financially demanding. Financial capacity is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a legal guardian.

You may also consider setting up a special needs trust to provide financial security after you pass away without affecting their eligibility for government assistance.

Document your arrangement

Once you finalize your decision, consult your attorney to legalize the arrangement. An attorney who specializes in special needs planning can help you establish legal documents, like wills and trusts, to guarantee that your wishes are carried out.

There is a wide array of factors to consider when selecting a legal guardian for your child, from ensuring their character to ensuring they have the financial capacity to support your child’s unique needs. Through careful planning and thoughtful consideration, you can ensure that you leave your child in caring and capable hands.