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Will you need long-term care in the future?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Medicaid Planning |

As people age, their needs change. In some cases, mental or physical decline can lead to situations where Georgia residents are unable to handle their daily needs on their own. As a result, they may find themselves in need of long-term care at some point, which is not always easy to afford.

When it comes to this type of care, not every senior or elderly individual will need it. However, it is estimated that 68% of people over the age of 65 will need this type of care. As a result, it is wise for individuals to understand what long-term care involves and why it may be necessary. Typically, this type of care is not strictly medical care but involves help with daily needs, such as getting dressed, eating, mobility assistance, bathing and more. Physical disabilities and cognitive diseases, like dementia, can sometimes present a need for this care.

There are various ways in which parties could obtain assistance, such as staying at a nursing home, receiving in-home care or residing at an assisted living facility. The pros and cons, as well as the costs, of these options differ, but in most cases, the expenses are high. Some people may choose to take out long-term care insurance early in hopes of having coverage if and when the time comes to need it.

Of course, not everyone sees the need of taking out this type of insurance as premiums can be high. In some cases, Georgia residents may want to consider other options for paying for long-term care, like possibly qualifying for Medicaid assistance. However, qualifying for this assistance is not always easy, but there are ways that individuals may be able to plan ahead in hopes of meeting qualification requirements when the time comes. Discussing planning options with knowledgeable legal professionals may help interested parties determine whether it could be right for them.