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Topics to cover when creating a business succession plan

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2022 | Asset protection |

While owning and operating a business can be a rewarding endeavor, it can also carry a great deal of responsibility. Business owners in Georgia may constantly be in search of ways to protect the future of the companies they worked so hard to build, and they might have concerns about what might happen when they are no longer around to oversee operations. Those who encounter similar concerns might find it helpful to explore the benefits of creating a thorough business succession plan. 

Studies indicate that there could be numerous potential benefits to creating a business succession plan and some examples of vital factors to address when preparing for such a process might include: 

  • Future goals:  One of the first topics to address could involve carefully evaluating one’s goals for the company’s future as including information on such preferences may be a vital component of succession planning. 
  • Prospective successors:  It could also be essential to seek insight on factors to address when evaluating prospective successors and choosing a successor that shares one’s goals and wishes may prove imperative. 
  • Business valuation:  Performing a thorough valuation of a company’s worth could also be an integral part of preparing to make informed choices while developing an effective succession strategy. 
  • Creating contingencies:  Business owners may also find it helpful to create contingencies for what will happen should they suddenly become incapable of managing operations. 

Even if a person is not yet prepared to step away from the company, creating a succession plan could help provide much-needed peace of mind in knowing one’s interests will be protected regardless of what the future holds. 

While creating a thorough business succession plan may prove beneficial under various scenarios, it can also be a complex process at times. Individuals in Georgia who wish to implement similar strategies but remain uncertain of every vital factor to address could consider retaining the services of an attorney for advice in navigating the process. An attorney can evaluate all a client’s wishes and concerns and help create a succession plan that aligns with his or her wishes for the future of the business.