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When personal injury occurs in an assisted living facility

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Care Planning |

Every state, including Georgia, has its own set of regulations and guidelines to govern the assisted living care industry. You might encounter different policies in each facility. However, all staff members and administrators must adhere to state laws and act in accordance with accepted standards of safety. Personal injury caused by negligence should not occur in assisted care homes.

Sadly, however, many incidents in this state and others have resulted in severe injuries to residents, sometimes even death. There is no excuse for substandard care, and you can hold those responsible for causing injury accountable for their actions in civil court.

Elder abuse and nursing negligence are problematic in Georgia

You can’t be with your loved one around the clock. In fact, that might have been a key factor in the decision to help him or her transition to an assisted living facility. When you are away from your family member, you should be able to trust that he or she is in good hands.

If a staff member acts aggressively toward your loved one or has not provided necessary assistance, such as helping an immobile patient change positions every few hours, it merits further investigation. If staff members are not helping immobile patients move often enough, it can cause severe bed sores that may become infected. If you notice other injuries on your loved one’s body, such as inflammation, swelling or bruising, insist on an explanation from staff members.

Did your loved one suffer from a medication error?

Many assisted living facilities keep medication under lock and key to prevent mishaps. Your loved one might take one or more pills every day for various health conditions. Especially if he or she has dementia or other cognitive issues, careful monitoring of all medication is necessary.

Assisted living care providers know how to avoid medication mistakes. They must check to be sure they are administering meds to the right person. They must also make sure they have the right medication and the correct dose. Failure to confirm these issues can lead to errors that cause life-threatening injuries.

Getting much-needed care following personal injury

Do not hesitate to reach out for additional support if you suspect elder abuse or nursing negligence in the assisted living facility where your loved one resides. You can seek support from local law enforcement agencies, patient advocates and those with experience in personal injury litigation.