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Estate planning topics for high-asset estates

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Estate planning |

Many individuals may share a common desire to preserve wealth and assets, but the path to achieving such goals might not always seem so clear. While an estate plan could offer various benefits regarding asset preservation and protection, creating a strategy that aligns with one’s goals can seem a daunting task. Individuals in Georgia with high-net-worth estates may benefit from addressing numerous topics when preparing a strategy that focuses on their future wishes and needs. 

High-net worth topics 

According to experts, one factor that may be an area of concern among those who possess considerable wealth could involve the topic of taxes. The estate planning process could offer various tools to help mitigate estate and inheritance tax burdens and exploring these options could be essential to preserving wealth. Addressing yearly and lifetime thresholds for avoiding tax ramifications when gifting assets to loved ones could also be essential to helping individuals with high-net-worth estates prepare to protect their interests. 

There may also be a variety of trust options to explore, some of which could also help shield heirs from extensive tax burdens. When there is considerable wealth involved, the process of choosing a trustee can also seem more intimidating, and seeking guidance on how best to approach this aspect may be essential. Addressing options such as powers of attorney and health care planning can also be integral to preserving one’s interests regardless of what the future holds. 

Seeking guidance 

This may only cover a few examples of vital topics to address when creating an estate plan for a high-net-worth estate. Individuals in Georgia who have concerns about how best to approach this process might consider speaking with an attorney for guidance in preparing to make informed decisions about their options. Such a decision could help a person better understand what this process has to offer and better prepare to create an estate plan that focuses on what is most important to his or her future.